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Chasing the Record - 16th January 2017

Chasing a Land Speed Record is both exciting and challenging, a series of hurdles to be overcome. Having a completed vehicle, the result of years of research, sheer determination, pure hard graft and in Richard Brown's case previous first hand experience of running at record breaking speeds all point to an outstanding chance of taking the prize but probably the most frustrating hurdle is now proving to be the opportunity to attempt the record. Richard and the Jet Reaction Team remain well prepared and only await a suitable surface on which to run. Bonneville conditions have not been ideal for some time and the decision to stand down and monitor the situation has ultimately proved to be the right one. Whilst a thrust powered challenger can tolerate less perfect conditions than those needed by our wheel driven competitors, we do still need firm smooth conditions to have a realistic chance of completing sufficient runs safely in the limited time available to us on the salt to bid for the outright record and as funding remains elusive we are likely to get just one shot at this!

We are hopeful and will keep a watchful eye on reports from Bonneville as the year progresses, fingers firmly crossed once again.

“One man, two wheels, 400mph+”

World Two Wheeled Land Speed Record Challenger