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Peak Speed 245mph! - 11th June 2016

Richard and Jet Reaction took full advantage of the recent May 14/15th weekend at Elvington Airfield to prove the value of the modifications made to the vehicle over the winter months. For now running on 3 wheels in the UK whilst conditions at Bonneville are monitored there was the need to look at improving the stopping power of Jet Reaction if speeds were to be safely stepped up on the limited length of tracks available in the UK. The answer was to cleverly add airbrakes with rear suspension and upgrade to a larger parachute using the original as a reserve if required. Four runs were completed testing the new systems demonstrating both the impressive acceleration of Jet Reaction and most importantly (in the UK) the ability to pull up in a far shorter distance than before. The highest peak speed to date was recorded at 245mph with 215.066mph for the flying 1/8 mile, particularly impressive when considering that Richard went into full afterburner once rolling for a predetermined distance but as planned was completely off power and simply "coasting" as the timing lights were reached. All of the data collected puts Jet Reaction very firmly into future record breaking territory!

2016 - The UK Challenge - 23rd February 2016

With the ability to run for the Outright Two Wheel Record at Bonneville under review due to the deterioration of the salt flats in recent years Richard has been busy over the winter months preparing Jet Reaction for even faster speeds at the UK venues available and the chance to set a number of national records on three wheels. Whilst the vehicle clearly has outright record potential the problem of running in the UK is not one of speed but the ability to stop again safely on a limited length of track. Now with improved stopping performance through modifications made recently Richard will be able to push the limits with confidence. The first outing of 2016 is less than three weeks away at Elvington airfield near York as part of the Straightliners series.

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