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Jet Reaction - As Seen on TV! - 27th May 2014

The British National Records weekend event at Elvington Airfield near York afforded Richard and the team the latest opportunity to push forward with the UK test programme of Jet Reaction.

Having lost previous test sessions to the unreliable British weather Richard needed to ensure that Jet Reaction would run come hell or high water this time out, …. well almost! With the speeds themselves not so important at this stage as testing other systems such as parachute deployment a temporary modification to turn Jet Reaction into a three wheeler proved a good move. This allowed Richard to blast down the runway virtually unaffected by any crosswind which in particular could potentially have pulled the machine over when the chute inflated.

As if to prove the point the wind duly gusted across the runway at up to 26mph at times and yet Jet Reaction completed eight runs over the two days each with different run profiles and set aims allowing valuable performance data to be gathered, on two wheels it is certain that far less would have been achieved in such blustery conditions. The last run yielded an exit speed of 165mph still using little power (without afterburner) and the data logger showed Jet Reaction to be still accelerating in spite of the extra weight and drag associated with three wheels, all good signs for the overall success of the project.

The project again received much media attention with Discovery Channel continuing to cover the project for future broadcast as well as an award winning BBC video journalist who spent the full Sunday with Richard and the team as they carried out preparation and checks on Jet Reaction and of course the series of runs themselves. The BBC report aired last Friday (23rd May) and was immediately hailed as a great news piece demonstrating the overall media appeal which an attempt on the Outright Two Wheeled Land Speed Record commands and confirms the potential exposure any sponsor will gain from involvement with Richard and the project.

All the data that was acquired over the weekend will now be analysed thoroughly and the next session of testing will see the afterburner lit for the first time on the move which dramatically increases the amount of thrust available (not to mention the speed!), exciting times ahead!

2014 - The Year Ahead - 21st January 2014

With 2014 now well under way Richard and Jet Reaction are back in the workshop to prepare the thrust powered streamliner for the final round of UK testing prior to the planned assault on the World Two Wheeled Land Speed Record with his team at the Mike Cook Shootout event to be held on the famed Bonneville Salt Flats this September.

Custom Seat Fitted! - 2nd April 2014

Big thanks to our latest product sponsor, specialist custom seat providers REAL EQUIPE, for ensuring Richard is sat comfortably with maximum protection at 400mph! With REAL's valuable help Richard now has an individually moulded seat and as it says on their website  - "more comfort; less weight = more speed!"  - particularly important when you're aiming to be the world's fastest on two wheels!

REAL's race seats lead the way in providing driver confidence and in-vehicle positioning using a micro poly-bead combined with a specifically formulated resin mixture set within their own fire-retardant covering material to achieve optimum strength at minimum weight, a REAL bonus for Jet Reaction.


Jet Reaction at Woodbridge - 9th April 2014

Richard and Jet Reaction were all set for further testing at the Straightliners Event at Woodbridge on Sunday, unfortunately the good old British weather had other ideas and a strong gusting crosswind throughout the day meant that Jet Reaction never left it's trailer.

Those present at the meeting were, however, able to look over the various modifications completed recently to Jet Reaction including the changes to the cockpit canopy allowing greater side visibility, not that there is any danger of being overtaken at 400mph of course!

Further testing opportunities are in hand, and Richard is exploring some innovative ideas to further testing, which should improve our weather/run success rate!

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Testing Developments - 2nd May 2014

As previously reported, adverse weather has been plaguing the Jet Reaction UK test programme with complete sessions lost both last year and so far in 2014. With this in mind Richard has developed a unique addition to the machine which will afford him much needed time in the seat, significant data capture and the means to test the parachute-braking and afterburner systems in all but the very worst weather conditions. We'll be testing Jet Reaction at The Straight Liners imminent event on 17th/18th May at Elvington Airfield near York, so come along and see what we have in our new tool kit!....

Jet Reaction - Attempt Postponed - 24th June 2014

After a day of testing at Elvington Airfield near York in the UK last week we have revealed a minor reheat issue which will require a little more R&D. Richard is adamant that every aspect of the vehicle must be "spot on" before making the expensive journey to The Salt. Therefore with a shipping schedule of early July (just a couple of weeks time) we are postponing our world record attempt until September 2015.

As soon as the reheat issue is resolved we will resume our UK test schedule and continue in our quest to break the Outright 2-Wheel Land Speed Record.

Despite the lack of financial backing so far received for this legitimate record attempt we have made fantastic progress. Richard has self-funded the project to date and, using his skill & knowledge along with the support of his talented but totally volunteer team, Jet Reaction is still moving ever closer to its goal. We are seeking sponsorship to help us continue with this worthwhile world class engineering endeavour. If you are interested in helping to fund this project you can contact us personally through our Website or Facebook.

“Bloody Fantastic!” - 21st August 2014

Following the discovery of a minor technical problem engaging reheat on Jet Reaction during our last outing in June, Richard went back into the workshop to assess the situation. Investigations were carried out and with the afterburner system tweaked, Jet Reaction's engine underwent a number of static tests which demonstrated that the ‘dancing diamonds’ were back and full power capability was now restored.

The opportunity to prove the point came last weekend at the Straightliner's Top Speed Records event at Elvington Airfield near York in the UK. With increasing media interest focused on Jet Reaction it was no coincidence that a major television network film crew was in attendance to record Richard's progress. With the wind gusting down the runway (frequently at over 30mph) the decision to move to three wheels for this round of UK testing proved yet again to be a wise one.

The initial run of the day was to be made with full “dry” engine power coupled with 5 seconds of reheat… but would the afterburner light? A mighty roar soon echoed across the Elvington strip as Jet Reaction powered off the start line emphatically answering any such doubts. If confirmation was needed, Richard's understated radio message, "I would say that was reheat", told the story of a fully functioning afterburner.

Further runs were made without incident and much needed data was gathered. Richard's comment as Jet Reaction coasted to a halt after the final test of the day summed up the prevailing mood …"Bloody fantastic!”

Without a shadow of a doubt Jet Reaction is a very credible challenger for the World Two-Wheeled Land Speed Record and with this recent success that record has just moved a step closer. September 2015 is the scheduled “window of opportunity” for the record runs and, with major media interest growing and gathering momentum, presents a unique opportunity for potential sponsors to associate themselves with a project based on excellence, tenacity and skill. If you are interested in discussing how to get involved please contact the team via contact@jetreaction.info or Facebook.



The last two years of the Jet Reaction Test Programme have presented many challenges, not least of which has been the weather. The Cook Shootout at Bonneville has twice been effectively rained off and the unreliable weather in the UK forced Richard to make the radical decision to run Jet Reaction on three wheels. This configuration allows testing on days when the wind is otherwise too strong for a 2-wheeled streamliner (which in the UK is most of the time) and since this change we have made rapid progress including ironing out the reheat issue and a number of other small improvements.

However, it has also become clear that this now "Multi-Role" land speed vehicle creates exciting new opportunities. Running on three wheels and utilising an enlarged brake-chute offers the opportunity to go much faster over the limited distances available in the UK bringing a number of National speed records within reach of Jet Reaction. Obviously the high speed data that will also be gathered during further testing will prove invaluable for the longer term goal of the Outright Two Wheel World Land Speed Record.

We are still seeking financial backing and given the potential for breaking significant records on home soil the potential publicity offers even more opportunities for sponsors to get involved at all levels.

Our trip to The Cook Shootout at Bonneville will still happen but in the meantime the continuation of the test programme and pursuit of UK records will add an exciting chapter in our journey to “The Salt”.

“One man, two wheels, 400mph+”

World Two Wheeled Land Speed Record Challenger