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Bonneville 2013 Trip - 25th September 2013

Following on from Goodwood Festival of Speed in July Richard has been busy talking with potential sponsors and partners. Fingers crossed, he is hoping to make an important announcement within the next few weeks! He has also just returned from Bonneville having gone to watch the Cook Meet and carry out a recce in readiness for the record attempt next year. Unfortunately the Salt Flats were flooded but it still turned into a very productive trip.

Goodwood Festival of Speed - 17th July 2013

Last week JET REACTION became the focus of much attention at the 20th annual Goodwood Festival of Speed, as part of a major Land Speed Record exhibition featuring machines from the past and present. As the only current British LSR challenger that is tested and ready to take on the task, a huge amount of interest was shown by the public in attendance as well as potential sponsors.

Stunning new colour scheme - 1st July 2013

Last weekend at the Carole Nash Bike Bonanza in Newark , JET REACTION was seen with its stunning new colour scheme for the first time in public. The machine caused quite a stir amongst the patrons and allowed many to spend time talking with Richard and the team about the project and get a first-hand account of the history, effort and engineering skill that has taken Rocketman to within sight of challenging the World 2-Wheeled Land Speed Record.

Carole Nash Newark Bike Bonanza - 19th June 2013,

Since its first public outing last month at the Straightliners Event at Elvington, during which two successful mid speed test runs were completed, Jet Reaction has been back to the paint shop and will be unveiled in its new primary colour scheme at The Carole Nash Newark Bike Bonanza, Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire this weekend, 22nd and 23rd June. The next show will be the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July where will be part of a major past/present Land Speed Exhibition.

First ever test runs open to public 19th May 2013 - 23rd May 2013

At Elvington Airfield near York on 19th May JET REACTION carried out its first ever public test runs during an event run by the Straightliners Club. Weather conditions allowed for 2 low speed (100mph+) runs which resulted in excellent data collection and gave Richard valuable time in the seat. Competitors at the event and the public showed great interest in the machine and had nothing but positive comments to make.

Testing at Elvington Airfield - 15th April 2013

The very first public outing for Jet Reaction at Elvington Airfield on Monday 15th April produced less progress than hoped due to strong cross winds gusting up to 40mph. However despite the difficult weather The York Press (www.yorkpress.co.uk) still covered our outing and other media gained material for future features and broadcast.

JET REACTION ready for final testing - 5th March 2013

Jet Reaction continues to stride forward and is now ready for final testing. With the bodywork now fitted the only part remaining is the final coat of paint. Seen here in just primer undercoat this blank canvas is a wonderful opportunity for sponsor colours and logo to complete the job and for far less money than you may imagine!

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