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New JET REACTION Animation - 17th November 2012

Fantastic news, our new product sponsor CREATIVE DATA AG have produced a fabulous animation of Jet Reaction blasting across the salt flats. Creative Data have invested a great deal of effort in Jet Reaction and have been a joy to work with, real leaders in the art of 3D animation! www.creative-data.de We would also like to thank the GIESING TEAM for the sound used in the animation, another great job done!

Support JET REACTION, New Donations Page - 6th November 2012

We have a new donations page and if you would like to support Jet Reaction please help us make this happen and click on this link!

Back from the paint shop - 18th October 2012

Just brought the bike back from the paint shop at Coles and Blackwell, now fitted with the nose cone and other aero detail the build is fast approaching completion! Just painted in primer for now whilst we continue to search for a title sponsor, this is a great opportunity for a company to create a fantastic bill board for almost any product!

Pictures of testing at RAF Benson - 28th September 2012

Just a quick update to mention we have added a couple of cracking pictures on the Jet Bike page taken during our recent testing at RAF Benson, if it looks this dramatic now just think how good Jet Reaction will look with full bodywork and your company logo?

Huddersfield University complete a CFD report - 3rd September 2012

An aerodynamic analysis of Jet Reaction has recently been carried out by Huddersfield University in conjunction with Jet Reaction. The investigation and report was compiled by Taimoor Asim and supervised by Professor Rakesh Mishra - Big, big thank you to them for their considerable effort and invaluable support!

Shakedown Testing RAF Benson June 25, 2012 - 1st July 2012

Jet Reaction is now up and running! The jet bike and team have just completed 6 low speed passes at RAF Benson. These initial trials carried out with minimal bodywork fitted confirm that with only a few minor adjustments Jet Reaction will be ready for higher speed runs as it continues its journey to the record books.

Check out this video! Click here

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Reuters Science on Jet Reaction - 7th February 2012

Many thanks to Jim Drury at Reuters Science who filmed our first test of Jet Reaction. He put together the cracking video interview you can see below. Lets hope potential sponsors are taking note of the mounting publicity we are getting even at this early stage.

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Rocky Robinson's Article on Richard Brown - 28th January 2012

Rocky Robinson who currently holds the 2 wheel Land Speed Record, has written a great article for Motorcycles USA about Richard Brown and his new attempt on his record with Jet Reaction.

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First Test Firing for Jet Reaction - 27th January 2012

It was cold and windy when the trailer carrying Jet Reaction was positioned at the Rocket test site in Westcott. Just when we were about to take the covers off the rain started driving down. Fortunately that passed within the hour and preparations began for what was to be a successful test firing.

Eureka Cover Jet Reaction - 4th January 2012

Engineering and Design magazine, Eureka, have published a story on the Jet Reaction.

Really pleased to see the interest building!

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Gillette Mach 3 Challenger Documentary  - 28th December 2011

We have recently uploaded a wonderful clip that beautifully captures Richard’s previous adventure at Bonneville. Hope you enjoy it!

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