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Merry Christmas & Recent Press! - 25th December 2011

Just wanted to write a quick note firstly to say Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for following the Jet Reaction project in 2011! And secondly to say many thanks to Robin Hague from New Scientist and Rob Waugh of the Daily Mail who wrote fantastic articles about the Jet Reaction mission.

World Record Attempt on 2 Wheels - 13th October 2011

Welcome to Jet Reaction. Richard Brown who achieved a one way 2 wheel World Land Speed fastest pass at Bonneville Salt Flats is leading a return to claim and break the current world record. This new project has a clear objective: To secure an absolute world land speed record for motorcycles using thrust power. Target speed : two way average in excess of 400mph, peak speed approaching 450mph.

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“One man, two wheels, 400mph+”

World Two Wheeled Land Speed Record Challenger